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Root Canal Therapy in Westworth Village, Texas

Thanks to modern dental care advancements, dentists have more options at their disposal for treating decayed, diseased, and infected teeth today. Endodontics (which is a fancy word for “root canal therapy” and related treatments) is the area of dentistry that focuses on these kinds of problems, and Dr. Ashley K. Murrey offers root canal therapy at Westworth Village Family Dentistry.

Inside of your tooth lies a bundle of nerves and tissue, often called the pulp. When this pulp becomes infected or damaged, it can no longer do its job of providing nutrients, and the tooth can die. The infection can also spread, leading to abscess. Symptoms of this process include hot or cold sensitivity, pain when biting, or an ache or throb coming from your tooth or jaw.  Through root canal therapy, Westworth Village dentist Dr. Murrey will clean out infected tissue and seal the canal for improved protection and strength. This procedure is relatively simple, and it is a far better option than extraction and tooth replacement when possible.

If you’ve found out that you’re in need of root canal therapy or you suspect that you may be experiencing an infection that demands attention, contact Westworth Village Family Dentistry. Some general dentists prefer not to perform procedures like root canal therapy, but we’re invested in offering a wide range of treatments to make life easier for our patients. Our Westworth Village, Texas dental office serves patients from Fort Worth, White Settlement, Westover Hills, Calloway Park, Burton Hills, Lake Worth, Trinity Trails, and River Oaks, making sure that our community has access to much-needed dental healthcare for a high quality of life. Make an appointment with us.