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Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Westworth Village, Texas

Wisdom tooth extraction is a commonplace treatment; most people will find themselves in need of an extraction for at least one wisdom tooth at some point. These “third molars” come in late in the cycle of oral development. Because there is often not enough room in the mouth for the teeth to come in correctly, a number of negative effects can arise, and these problems can cause major bite issues and threaten overall oral health and function. Dr. Ashley K. Murrey of Westworth Village Family Dentistry performs wisdom tooth extractions for patients from Westworth Village, Texas and surrounding communities.

When a wisdom tooth is impacted, it can require extraction. Impaction means that the wisdom tooth is coming in sideways or at an angle that is preventing it from fully erupting above the surface of gums. This can then cause various problems with other teeth and the jaw bone. Gums may become tender, and you could find yourself experiencing infection or abscess. Partially erupted wisdom teeth are more susceptible to decay and disease. This is why wisdom tooth extraction is so often recommended. Although many cases of impaction do require the attention of an oral surgeon, Dr. Murrey is very experienced at the removal of wisdom teeth.  Come into our office for an evaluation, and we will take great care of you at Westworth Village Family Dentistry.

For your quality care during your wisdom teeth extraction and other dental services, please contact Westworth Village Family Dentistry. We help families from Fort Worth, White Settlement, Westover Hills, Calloway Park, Burton Hills, Lake Worth, Trinity Trails, and River Oaks, Texas maintain health and avoid serious dental issues.